Web Design In Denver

Pretty Websites Are Cool
Pretty Websites That Convert Are Better

Anyone can put lipstick on a pig but, Websites designed to convert are the bees knees (yea, we know, two animal puns in a row, get over it). As an extension to excellent branding, your website is the face of your business and should leave a lasting impression. It should deliver a delightful user experience (UX) that ultimately increases revenue for your business. Effective websites should combine user-centered design with compelling storytelling, all while focusing on your business goals and guiding visitors to take the next step in engaging with your business–be it purchasing a product, filling out a contact form, or booking services.

“Everyone on their team is fun and personable! They make the process of launching a new website easy! Not to mention, they will also make that website absolutely fabulous to look at and extremely easy to use.”

– Nature’s Herbs and Wellness

Why is it important?

Web Design without strategy is just child’s play

At Buhv Designs, we take a strategic approach to web design, that not only looks amazing, but ensures that your business goals are met. Your website should aesthetically represent the personality of your brand while making it simple for your customers to interact and find the information they want.

By building a solid foundation based off of web design and development best practices AND your previous website engagement data, the Buhv creative team gives you the launch pad for building your websites effectiveness. Beyond the launch, we will actively monitor website user behavior, establish new performance benchmarks, and make design or functionality recommendations to improve conversion rate on a regular basis.

Our focus is on making data-driven and user-centric design decisions that effectively reduce friction along the path to conversion, while also building a product that beautifully represents your brand.

“Buhv Designs is a world-class web design team from start to finish.”

– Feral Mountain Co.

How does it work?

Using Data to Design a Beautiful and Effective Website

Research and Analysis

Whether you’re coming to us with an outdated website or starting completely from scratch, our team will dive into a research process that includes the necessary steps to ensure and effective design from the start. These steps include:

  • Business Goal Evaluation
  • Buyer Persona Identification
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Website Engagement Analysis
  • Competitor Website Analysis

Armed with these essential insights we’ll develop a strategic plan of action for your new website design to ensure your most vital online engagement tool is contributing to your bottom line at the highest level.

Content Strategy

At Buhv we approach website design with a content-first approach. It’s hard not to in the days of Google searches being the most significant methods of your target audience finding you. With this in mind, our digital marketing specialists and creative strategists come together to find the right mix of design and information architecture that presents your visitors with the right content at the right time along their path. This process includes:

  • Site Structure Development
  • Content Funnels
  • Page Outlines
  • Copywriting
  • Call-to-Action Development

The overall result of this website content strategy is a website layout that is intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-navigate. This ensures visitors are able to access the most important information easily.

Style Guides

This is where website design gets fun! We’ll begin our artistic phase with a style guide that outlines how the website will incorporate your brands personality through color, imagery, typeface and iconography. This will include:

  • Extended Color Palettes
  • Web-Optimized Font Pairings
  • Brand Image Direction
  • Icon Styling
  • Mood Boards
  • Concept Sketches

The finalized style guide sets the tone for your new website design and then becomes your brand book for use in other digital collateral or print materials. Boom! This keeps your business looking fresh, professional and consistent.

Design Mockups

The next phase of our process will be to present wireframes and static page mockups so that you can see everything come together.

At Buhv we’ve adopted a modular-design strategy that allows your website to evolve and scale when you’re ready to do so. While we don’t usually design a mockup for every page that your site will include, we’ll be sure to include the most vital pieces of functionality with examples of how these features come to life. This includes form designs to map styling and video headers to custom animations.

Create Your Web
Design Masterpiece.

We would love to sit down and brainstorm with you about your web design project. With every project we develop a custom tailored plan and design to fit your needs.