What Is It?

Best When it Surprises You

You’ll know it when you see it. Or, it might sneak up on you when you find yourself clicking the “submit order” button without hesitation because you were expertly guided to it… wild, right? Website copy is one of those make it or break it moments for your business. When done right, it’s almost like magic, but when done wrong, your sales metrics will bear the brunt. What we’ve discovered is that well-crafted website copy is a unique combination of information architecture, authoritative content, voice and tone, and strategically placed conversion triggers. When the perfect balance is struck, it can result in measurable returns for your business.

Why is it important?

A Right-Brain/Left-Brain Approach to Website Copy

Delivering the right information to your visitors at the right time is essential to your digital marketing funnel. While many think that this is the only benefit of having content on a website, they’ll be sorely disappointed when they discover that they’re missing out. You’ll want that information expertly written and formatted in a way that will drive traffic, bolster engagement, and increase conversions–mostly because your content will end up out-performing theirs, and they’ll be left in the dust. The importance of excellent website content knows no bounds when executed effectively, here’s how it can benefit your business:

  • Information delivery
  • Credibility and authority
  • Search ranking and traffic
  • User engagement
  • Conversion

How does it work?

By Research & Crafting; We Deliver Targeted Content

At Buhv, we’ve refined our process to combine creativity in voice and tone into strategic messaging, supported by research and data. By integrating the two sides of our collective brain, we build website content strategies that get more visitors flowing down your conversion path than most other agencies. Here’s how we do it:

Research & Discovery

As with any service you hire us for, the Buhv team bases the majority of our decision-making on research and data. We’ll perform audits on existing content to figure out what resonates with your audiences and what doesn’t, and put together a content strategy designed to meet business goals as well as your visitors’ expectations. Here’s what we usually do for our clients before starting the content writing process:

  • Audit existing website content for wins and losses
  • Develop or refine buyer persona demographics and psychographics
  • Perform keyword and keyphrase research
  • Dig into your market competition to find an opportunity

Content Interview

Whether you’ve hired us to help you build a strategic messaging platform for your brand or not, we always begin with defining your market positioning statement and unique brand advantages. This may happen during our project kickoff or we may schedule a separate meeting to involve the copywriter working on your account. During this interview, we’ll work with you to outline the parts of your business that differentiate you from your competition and determine the appropriate voice and personality of your brand to guide the copy development for your website.

Information Architecture and Content Guidance

Have you ever heard about “Choice Paradox?” We have, and it’s real. When working with you to develop the content for your website, we’ll support you through overcoming the inclination to give your visitors too much information, all at once. Instead, we’ll help to bucket the information into relevant categories that allow your visitors to navigate essential content without feeling overwhelmed. Through a strategic site map and a structural wireframe that we call “the content guidance” document, we’ll ensure that everything you need to tell your customers has a home on your site with an appropriate structure that gives your users the ability to parse it with ease.

Copy Crafting

Compromising is for suckers, instead, we listen and collaborate. Our copywriters know the ins and outs of digital marketing, so for them, the structures we put in place allow them to be even more creative with their execution. Guided by the voice and personality exercise and the content guidance document that we give them, they’re able to develop content that speaks to your customers and gives them all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. Luckily they’re on your website, not someone else’s!

Testing and Optimization

One of the key benefits of working with Buhv is that we see everything as an opportunity to optimize. Content is the easiest thing in your marketing funnel to test, so let’s do it! Once we’ve got your site content ready to go, we’ll be happy to set up the tracking necessary to see how your site visitors respond to the new brand messaging. From there, we can set up A/B testing on any page and test headlines, calls to action, content structure, and more. When you’re ready to have us craft your site content, talk to us about how we can test and optimize along the way–it’ll light our fire for sure.

A Winning Combination
of Creativity & Logic.

A copywriting approach that most people shy away from–Buhv will give you a website content strategy that sounds awesome AND converts.