What Is It?

Brand Discovery Through SEO

Search engine optimization is the first step to discovery for your brand. After all, it doesn’t matter how great you are if nobody knows your name. A well-optimized site helps prove to search engines that you’re an industry leader and puts your name at the top of the search results for the whole world to see.

Word of mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore and with the majority of users not reading past the first page on Google, it takes an extra push to get your business found. We help give you that push to get your brand on the top of the organic and maps results to build a footprint, keep you top of mind, dominate the competition, and convert clicks into clients. SEO can build traffic with a greater return on investment, better-qualified customers, and more transparent attribution than traditional marketing methods.

Why is it important?

Pull the Needle out of the Search Engine Haystack

How does it work?

We Can Push All of Google’s Buttons

The marketing team at Buhv Designs sends strong signals, both on and off page, to Google and the other search engines, raising their confidence that you’re the right man for the job. Our strategy boosts signals from on-page content, back-end technical improvements, and third-party citations in an all-out attack on the issue from every angle, granting your website a huge boost in credibility in the eyes of the search engines.

You're Already Our Number One.

Let’s show the world how great you are.