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Consistent branding is the opportunity for your company to leave a memorable impression on your current and prospective clients.

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Every time a consumer visits your web page, it leaves behind a trace of their presence. With the right tools and coding, we ensure your marketing appears across the other sites your customers are exploring.

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How far is your reach? Is your brand as memorable as you want? Are yo leaving a lasting impression? Consumers are going multiple places before deciding where to commit loyalty. Let us make you unforgettable.

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With the vast wealth of information on the Internet, it is crucial your brand is consistently visible to your potential customers. Retargeting discreetly keeps you on their mind. Our team of nerds can make this happen.


Take a gander at some of the services Buhv Designs is proud to offer to our clients. We can't wait to chat with you about how we can help you grow your digital thumbprint.

Cache Marketing

A large part of your web presence stems from the stopping power of your website. A good website draws your customer in and leaves a mark. A great website follows them well past their visit. Literally. Cache marketing is using coding and software as a means of tracking your customers across the Internet.

After only one visit, your visitor will be receiving more ads built exactly around your services. Once they have made their first visit, they are going to find your advertisements appearing on their social media, in Google Ad space and on search engines. The results of Cache Marketing are a more enduring online presence. When properly done, this tool ensures your customers are always thinking of you.

Online Visibility

If you are not at the forefront of your potential customer’s minds, how will you sell them your products or services? Your online visibility stems from an enormous amount of the SEO work we provide you, but in retargeting, this is where we can find some of the highest returns.

Retargeting creates a sneaky form of online visibility. You are still targeting them with advertisements, but the reach is much more subtle. In talking about retargeting, we are always aware of the power to make you visible.

Display Ads

In the ever expanding world of choice, people want to invest. They want to buy in. They want to belong. Incentivized CTA provides your potential clients the chance to feel like they are part of not just a purchase, but also a movement. When done properly, Incentivized CTA keeps your old customers around while reducing the amount of time it takes you to gain new customers.


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We would love to sit down and brainstorm with you about how to grow your brand and business. Every business has different needs and those needs require diverse strategies. At Buhv Designs, we understand and embrace that. Every project we are hired to complete, we develop a custom tailored plan to maximize the return on investment for our clients. We do this not only to maximize our client’s profits, but also to maintain long term relationships. Feel free to email us or give us a call anytime.

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