What Is It?

It’s Fine, We’re Just Obsessed with Automated Dashboards

Using an all-in-one reporting solution, like Agency Analytics, allows us to create customized automated and on-demand reports that paint a complete picture of any campaign’s performance. With all the data in one place, our team uses their brains (not just copy and paste) to analyze performance so you get real insights in real words, not just a number-heavy spreadsheet or Google Analytics screenshot. We deliver analysis and insights that relate back to business goals, providing you with the need-to-know recommendations to make informed decisions. Some of the data points we measure include:

  • Site Traffic
  • Site Engagement
  • Organic Rankings
  • SERP Engagement
  • Paid Ad Performance
  • Content Engagement
  • Email & Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Device Usage

The most important part of analysis is not only reporting on what is working, but finding out what isn’t–seeking out opportunities for improvement and recommending optimizations when the numbers aren’t in our favor–transparency is key. Pinpointing downturns and pain points is just as important as highlighting positive performance metrics, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Why is it important?

If You’re Not Measuring, How Do You Know What’s Working?

When it comes to digital marketing there are best practices to live by, but what happens when you go beyond the basics or common solutions are just not working? Ah, hah! That’s when it’s time to look at the data. When you’re gathering consistent and relevant data from the get-go, you can make informed decisions about the next steps in your campaign strategy. More importantly, proper reporting and continuous analysis deliver peace of mind so that you know where your budget is best spent.

We don’t measure campaign performance for the bragging rights (although, it’s fun to win), we measure so you know exactly how your investments are impacting your business. ROI, big time!

How does it work?

Turning Raw Data into Actionable & Digestible Insights

We understand that you may not be a marketing guru. Are numbers and graphs your game? Maybe, or maybe not. It’s cool, because we are not going to throw spreadsheets and charts at you and expect you to figure what’s really going on. Instead, we deliver digestible and insightful reports every month so that you can fully understand the health of your marketing strategies. We’ll point out the most important changes in the data and what it means for your business.

What do we do with the data we track? We use it to drive strategy. If we see any changes up and to the right or down and…well, down, we use it to develop the next set of goals and determine optimization opportunities. Rankings down? Let’s take a look at competition. Site visits up? Let’s make sure your pages are optimized for usability. Conversions stagnant? Let’s figure out how to drive more qualified traffic to your highest-performing pages. Sounds simple… and it is when you’re tracking and analyzing continuously.

The most important part of data and analysis is to avoid all bias and digest the metrics objectively. We won’t just paint a picture that makes us look good–we’re open and honest about performance, so you have a 10,000-foot view of your marketing efforts. Luckily for us, the numbers are almost always going in the right direction.

What Matters.

Reporting, analysis and insights are how you build a successful digital marketing strategy. Justify your marketing dollars using real time data and digestible analysis.