What Is It?

Content That Goes Above and Beyond

Long form content includes all blogs, webpages, and other pieces of content that are 700 words or above. With the additional length, you’re able to take a deep dive into a particular subject in an all-encompassing work, aiming to be the go-to source for information on the topic.

Why is it important?

Information That Resonates With Readers

Short, 300 word blog posts used to dominate the web and search results for every term and phrase imaginable, but there’s one glaring issue with almost all of these posts: they’re just plain bad. Content this short is barely long enough to introduce an idea, much less answer your customers’ questions and provide any useful information.

This type of content just doesn’t cut it anymore. Search engines now give better rankings to content that goes in depth on its subject and answers all of the searcher’s questions, and maybe even some questions that they didn’t know they had.

Not only do longer pieces of content rank better on search engines, but they also hold your visitors’ attention better, send them deeper into your site, and help drive them to becoming a paying customer.

  • Set the trajectory of your business with a long-term vision and mission
  • Deliver a clear and highly targeted message to anyone who engages with you
  • Build and maintain your industry credibility
  • Connect your product or service to your target prospects, emotionally
  • Motivate your audience to purchase with you over your competition
  • Establish your business as the sole provider of your core services or products
  • Develop a loyal clientele who advocate for you in the marketplace

How does it work?

Convey All of the Relevant Information

Anybody can write a long piece of content, but not everybody can write a long piece of content well. When it comes to writing long-form content that really performs, it’s all about the research. We take a deep dive into the subject, first researching what people are looking for and what questions are being asked the most, and then compiling the answers to each question.

With all of the information gathered, we transform it into one piece of work that’s broken up into an easy-to-read format and built for search. In the end, you’re left with a page that actually ranks, holds your readers’ attention, and attracts backlinks to further boost your site in the search results.

Content Should
be Useful.

You never get ahead with the minimum effort. Let’s give your customers everything they’re looking for.