How BUHV can help

Your website serves as a key element of a digital marketing strategy that drives business. BUHV is a franchise-oriented agency with a specialty in all things digital. From strategy to execution to analytics, we have the experts in-house to create an effective web presence for your franchise.

Our Approach

Creative, development, SEO and analytics all in-house

Building a successful web presence involves several different digital disciplines. We coordinate them all under a focused strategy.

Hyperlocalization techniques

Location-based searches often signal strong intent to buy. We’ll help you capture them with hyperlocalization.

Websites as part of marketing strategies

We build effective websites because we understand the role they play in customer acquisition and conversion.

Companies We’ve Helped

How we build great franchise websites

Franchises have special requirements at each stage of the web design and development cycle. Here’s how we take franchises into account:


We build a site architecture that is user-experience-focused and easy-to-use
  • When possible, this includes a store locator and ecommerce functionality


We create consistent, beautiful branding
  • Create stunning creative to enhance digital “curb appeal”
  • Clear signposting helps searchers find localized content
  • Social media integration helps build community around the franchise


We design and code websites to play nicely with search engines. We have experience working with a wide variety of CMS and software integrations including WordPress.
  • Consider to what extent and how franchisees will push new information/store updates
  • Enable tracking tags to understand visitor behavior
  • Make location pages easy add as the franchise grows
  • Discuss custom solution integrations you need to run your business and ensure the front-end interface matches your site’s design
  • Gain complete ownership of your website and all assets upon completion of the project

Does my franchise need a great website?

More people are searching and shopping online than ever before. A great website is a necessity for any business, but is especially important for franchises.

Here are some benefits to having a great website:

  • Ecommerce sales are set to break $1 trillion this year. Reducing any possible barriers to an online sale with a great digital presence helps your franchise grow with the growth of ecommerce.
  • Immediacy is more important than loyalty to today’s customers. Having high-quality, searchable content ensures your products or services come up when a customer is ready to make a purchase.
  • Websites are the main way potential franchisees find and choose franchises to invest in. A great website includes you in their consideration.

Invest in a Website that Converts

We’re not just building websites, we’re building websites with measurable ROI. At BUHV, we validate our results and let them inform continuing investments. If you want to move the needle on digital sales, subscriptions, or conversions, it’s time to build a website with BUHV.

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