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Franchise development is all about seeing the big picture within the small tactics. We’ll build a plan around a clear franchise strategy and execute all of the individual elements to bring that plan to fruition.

Our expertise in digital marketing and SEO helps you navigate the unique challenges of developing your franchise online.

Franchise development services

Web development

A clean, accessible, well-designed website ensures that potential franchise owners have no digital barriers to overcome — and have an excellent user experience. Learn More >


Start building brand affinity and trust with your audience by joining in the conversations on channels where franchise owners are talking. Learn More >


Make your website work for you. The right topics and optimized content help your franchise appear higher in search results where potential franchisees can easily find you. Learn More >

Lead generation

Find location owners who share your brand’s vision. Loyal, engaged owners are a franchise’s greatest advocates. Learn More >

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The 3 Steps to Strong Franchise Growth

Here’s the general outline of how to develop a franchise brand. Keep in mind that each industry and brand is different, so each step needs to be customized to your business’ specific needs.

  1. Develop brand equity

    This is where an agency with branding chops comes in handy. Your branding and look-and-feel can make a brand stand out amongst other franchises. This includes both your in-store and online brand presence. Ensure that you are using the latest and greatest consistently across all your ad placements and store locations.

  2. Grow paid and unpaid leads

    With the fundamentals in place, we can expand our outreach. Organic search optimization is a great way to capture the interest of potential franchise owners and direct them back to your website. And combine this traffic with efficient ad campaigns that target your audience on their favorite sites. Finally, develop your brand presence on social media and in industry networks to become a valuable resource to your audience.

  3. Improve qualified conversion rate

    Once the flow of leads is improving, we whittle down your audience to the leads that are most likely to convert. By analyzing ad and social campaign success, we can reach your audience at a lower cost per click. Use data to identify which efforts are most effective and focus on those efforts moving forward.

At Buhv, we focus on measurable ROI to ensure each of these steps is performing as well as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is franchise development?

Franchise development managers like BUHV coordinate acquisition, sales, and marketing efforts to make franchises larger and more profitable than ever.

What is a franchise development manager?

Franchise development managers like BUHV coordinate acquisition, sales, and marketing efforts to make franchises larger and more profitable than ever.

How do I generate franchisee leads?

Franchisees are attracted by many of the same techniques as customers. In addition to effective branding, marketing, and web presence, investing in PR and visiting trade shows helps raise your franchise awareness with potential location owners. You can also turn to franchise brokers and portals, but we encourage more sustainable forms of growth.

Could Your Franchise Grow Faster?

We know franchises and specialize in their growth and development. Get a custom solution from BUHV that sets and achieves clear goals by using ROI to guide efforts and achieve maximum efficiency. Let’s kickstart your franchise’s growth.

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