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A franchise’s most important asset is its brand. After all, that’s what makes a location stand out in its industry. Developing and protecting the brand are two of a franchise’s main duties. So, why not let branding experts take care of it? At BUHV, we know branding, and we know how important it is to see your brand used correctly in every placement and at every location. We’ll coordinate between franchise and franchisees to ensure growth strategies reach their maximum potential.

Brand management services:

  • Branding
    • Logo development
    • Style guides
  • Collateral development
    • Sales collateral
    • Print collateral
  • Creative
    • Signage and POP
    • Email templates
    • Web creative
    • Digital brand assets

Companies We’ve Helped

How to build a great franchise brand

A great franchise relies upon a great franchise brand. Here are the fundamentals of creating a brand that will thrive in the franchise model.

  1. Establish a clear identity

    A clear and distinct identity that captures the unique hook of the company and identifies it within its industry.

  2. Develop and execute a growth strategy

    Growth is no accident. Brands need a sense of purpose and a roadmap for growth.

  3. Foster cooperation at all levels

    A franchise relies upon the perfect mix of a solid cooperation between the overall brand strategy and the individual executions. Location owners should be the brand’s greatest advocates, if managed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is brand consistency?

Brand consistency means delivering a clear identity through the look, feel, and messaging of your franchise. This should carry across all aspects of the customer experience, from digital assets such as your website and Google My Business descriptions, to point of purchase and the print collateral present at all franchise locations.

Why is brand compliance so important?

There are a few reasons why compliance needs to be prioritized when managing a franchise. Franchises attract many of their customers based on their brand and an expectation of quality that comes with it. To a greater or lesser extent, customer experience should be the same across all locations. Ensuring the same quality of service and branding across a franchise helps customers associate the brand with their good experiences at each location.

How can I get brand buy-in from franchisees?

Compliance is important to validating branding efforts. If marketing pieces aren’t being used consistently, their effectiveness can’t be measured properly. The best way to ensure compliance is to include franchisees as stakeholders wherever it makes sense and to create branding strategies that are easy for franchisees to understand and adopt.

How often should I refresh or update my brand?

Your franchise’s mission, values, and messaging is something that should hold up over time. But making small changes to your website, logo, and look-and-feel when something feels stale or “off brand” can help keep the attention of your customers. Take inventory of what is resonating and what may need a refresh at least once per year.

Bring Your Brand Together with BUHV

We specialize in franchises and execute brand-wide strategies while paying special attention to the details of each execution. Coordinating the efforts of an entire franchise can be difficult, but we simplify it for you.

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