How Buhv Can Help

At Buhv Designs, we’re focused on your ROI. We want you to get the most bang for your buck while also making sure you are receiving the most qualified leads from your advertising efforts.

We build highly targeted relevant campaigns to drive qualified traffic across:

  • Social Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Programmatic Display
  • & More

Our Approach

Our team creates advertising plans that provide transparent ROI. We solve creative and strategic marketing problems at the national brand level that produce results for the hyperlocal franchise owner. Every franchise advertising strategy is designed with a collaborative approach that considers creativity, informs strategy, and enables us to dial into the smartest solutions for your most pressing challenges. Here are some of the areas where we excel:

We tune in

Every project starts with broad and deep discovery. We map the landscape, understand the customer, and find ways for your franchise to succeed.

We make your brand shine

Through a collaboration-driven process, we come to understand and define your true brand DNA. These insights inform your unique strategy and creative.

We get franchising

We translate our experience and insights into high-performing campaigns across all your channels. Each piece reflects a larger strategy that adapts to the marketplace and your goals which we validate and iteratively improve.

We check our work

We skip the subjectivity and gut feelings and dive straight into the mine for evidence and validation. We turn data into information, then insights, and, ultimately, meaningful results.

Companies We’ve Helped

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a franchise advertisement?

Franchise advertisement serves two purposes: to market the individual locations and build brand awareness. Different forms of advertisement are directed at different audiences. Some are better for building brand awareness while others drive immediate sales. Good advertising starts with strong fundamentals. Is your website informative and well-branded? Do you have an active social media presence? Are you generating content from experts in your field? What exactly these fundamentals consist of differs from franchise to franchise. It helps to bring in an ad agency to assess the business landscape and audit your fundamentals.

Should I brand my franchise business?

Franchising hinges on having a strong brand. The brand is the biggest part of why franchisees pay fees every month. Having a unified presence everywhere a potential customer sees your brand keeps it strong. Having a good style guide with clear direction, examples, and supporting assets takes much of the guesswork out of franchise advertising. A single source of truth allows all efforts to keep the same look at feel regardless of who is tasked with developing them.

Should franchisees be involved in advertising?

Yes, involving them in the greater plan helps them see the value of their advertising dollars and contribute their local expertise. Having a strong brand doesn’t mean dogmatically controlling all advertising decisions from the top down. Franchisees are the experts in their specific locations. Considering their input and including their concerns early in the planning process makes them better partners during the execution.

How do I advertise my franchise business?

A good first step is finding experts in franchise branding to team up with. Generally this process requires discovery, analysis, and auditing of existing brand assets. From here, we can devise a strategy that can be executed franchise-wide. Once fundamentals like a strong website, social presence, and search presence are established, other forms of advertising become much more effective.

Where can I advertise my franchise?

The top two uses of the internet are checking email and performing searches. It makes sense to focus your efforts and funding on these two places first. Email comes in the form of direct marketing retargeting previous customers or prospective customers. Getting to the top of search involves a well-crafted and executed franchise SEO strategy. After these places, experiment with PPC (paid search results), digital ads, and social media ads.

How do you announce a franchise opportunity?

Many of the techniques that drive customers to stores also create leads on new franchisees. A good website with a strong web presence makes your franchise easier to find. For more immediate opportunities, consider drafting a press release to send to publications that cover your company’s business.

The Best Franchises to Market

There are several types of franchises that respond well to quality marketing initiatives. Some of the top franchise markets we serve are:


Education, Training, & Staffing


Business Services

Health care


Is your franchise meeting goals?

Get a proposal from Buhv. We will perform a comprehensive audit and determine exactly how your franchise can rise in search rankings. When your locations are the first places that pop up when a potential customer needs you, the sale is yours. You can trust Denver’s most experienced SEO and web design company to get you to the top.