How Buhv Can Help

At Buhv Designs, we’re focused on your ROI. We’re Denver’s most experienced SEO and web design company which means we’re experts in what makes an online presence work.

From initial branding to digital marketing to reporting and ROI, we help emerging franchises stand out and win in search. Learn more about what Buhv can do for you.

Services for Franchises

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having a strong and visible digital presence allows potential customers to find you. This can be a broad funnel for the brand website in general and also localized, targeted SEO. Learn More >

Web Design & Development

Don’t fall for the common franchise pitfalls when it comes to web design and development. Our technical experts make sure your website works for franchisees and the brand alike. Learn More >


Move potential customers from discovery to sale in the instant they’re looking, be that in search, on social media, or on their favorite website. Learn More >

Branding, Logos, Messaging

The fundamentals of building a franchise. If your company is ready to make the leap to becoming a franchise or needs a refresh, we’ll make sure it’s ready to go worldwide. Learn More >

Our Approach

We understand that franchises need to show results on both a brand-wide and an individual-store level. We consider the best practices outlined above in our marketing services. Here’s how:

Emphasis on ROI

We’re not just tracking and trying to influence KPIs. We’ll show you exactly how your investment is returning to the business in leads, sales, conversions, and loyalty.

Transparency and Communication

We’re experts in dealing with the unique communication needs of franchises. Often organizing all stakeholders for a unified strategy comes down to effective communication. We have that in spades.

Driven by Data

Data doesn’t just inform KPIs and ROI, it’s a crucial part of developing strategy. Our technical expertise in analyzing franchise data helps us see the forest for the trees.

Ever Improving

Good strategies don’t end, they evolve. We’ll make the most of your investment by continuing to fine-tune, iterate, and leverage the things that already work.

Companies We’ve Helped

Top Tips for a Successful Franchise Marketing Plan

Involve franchisees in the planning process

Remember that franchisees are not only experts in their location, they become brand experts as well. They have unique insight into what appeals to their specific customers. Asking for and including franchisee insights helps the overall marketing effort.

Focus on social media

47% of customer complaints today come from social media, only beat out by in-person complaints. This creates a huge liability and a huge opportunity. Treat customers with respect online, do your best to hear and address their issues, and you can turn social media channels into major sales drivers.

Provide clear ROI

Franchisees pay into brand-wide marketing efforts. It’s easy for them to feel disconnected from brand-wide decisions instead of being enthusiastic partners. Show them where their money goes and how great the returns are with effective ROI tracking.

Search is king

Invest in SEO. When customers search their local area for businesses that provide what you provide, they’re already ready to make a purchase. Capture them in that moment by investing in franchise SEO and especially local SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does franchise marketing work?

Franchise marketing refers to a set of strategies that franchises use to promote both the overall franchise and each individual location. By balancing strong branding with personalization by each location to their particular customer base, a franchise becomes more lucrative and franchisees see a better return on their marketing investment.

How should franchisors and franchisees share marketing duties?

The answer will vary from franchise to franchise but generally, yes. Franchisors are experts in the brand and what has worked in the past. Franchisees are experts in their location’s needs and customers and can inform where a brand goes next. Use both of these strengths to craft an effective franchise marketing plan.

Where can I advertise my franchise?

The top two uses of the internet are checking email and performing searches. It makes sense to focus your efforts and funding on these two places first. Email comes in the form of direct marketing retargeting previous customers or prospective customers. Getting to the top of search involves a well-crafted and executed franchise SEO strategy. After these places, experiment with PPC (paid search results), digital ads, and social media ads.

Is social media good for franchise marketing?

Having an active social media presence is great for franchises. Work out in advance whether social presences will be managed by the franchise or the franchisees. Social media is a great place to promote events at different locations, encourage reviewing, and head off bad customer experiences.

How do I measure the success of my franchise ad campaigns?

A good digital agency like Buhv will help you identify and measure the success indicators of any given marketing approach. Learn more about how we define KPIs.

The Best Franchises to Market

There are several types of franchises that respond well to quality marketing initiatives. Some of the top franchise markets we serve are:


Education, Training, & Staffing


Business Services

Health care


Sports and Recreation

Is your franchise meeting its goals?

Get a proposal from Buhv. We will perform a comprehensive audit and determine exactly how your franchise can rise in search rankings. When your locations are the first places that pop up when a potential customer needs you, the sale is yours. You can trust Denver’s most experienced SEO and web design company to get you to the top.