What Is It?

Not just spam emails. It’s marketing.

Rumors about email being a dead channel are buzzing around the marketing industry, but the numbers tell a completely different story. According to a McKinsey & Company study, email is 40x more effective than Social Media marketing and expedites the buying process three-fold. The best part? It’s virtually free and highly measurable! At Buhv we approach email with a 2018 bent: hyper-segmentation, personalization, dynamic content, and automated campaigns rule the inbox, and we’ll dig deep into the strategies that position your business to make it to the top of your target’s regular email check-in.

Effective email strategies are a delicate mix of a variety of different content focuses, here’s where we dedicate our time when building the best solution for your business:

  • Promotions: Deals, Coupons, and New Service or Product Releases
  • Cart Abandon
  • Upgrade & Upsell
  • Transactional
  • Onboarding & Lead Nurture
  • Newsletters: Loyalty & Content Marketing

Why is it important?

ROI AND Market Insights? Yep, You Heard Right!

Communicating with people who have already expressed interest in your business is a no-brainer–they’re ripe for conversion–which is why ROI from expertly crafted email campaigns outperforms many other marketing channels. The value of effective email marketing strategies has been reported to sit around $38 for every dollar invested, that’s not chump change! Not to mention, the insights that can be gained from email testing and optimization will inform every other channel in your marketing mix to build an effective integrated strategy that can skyrocket your market position.

At Buhv, we see email not just as a communication tool, but as a learning tool. Through design and copy testing at every engagement level, we can build a creative framework for your business that permeates your marketing funnel from awareness through conversion to loyalty and advocacy–all while driving sales. Woah!

How does it work?

How We Harness The Power of Your Owned Channel

Unlike the black box of Google’s search algorithm or Facebook’s ad server, we have complete transparency into how email works. With a clear set of best practices and a little sense of adventure, the Buhv marketing team will harness the power of your owned audience to drive measurable results. Here’s how we do it…

Strategic Planning

  • Audience List Hyper-Segmentation
  • Iterative Creative Testing Plans
  • Personalization & Dynamic Content Strategies


  • Copywriting
  • Mobile-First Template Design & Development
  • Personalized Campaign Building

Testing & Optimization

  • A/B Creative Testing
  • Copy, Design, and Segmentation Optimization

Reporting & Analysis

  • KPI Tracking and Reporting
  • Campaign Iteration Recommendations
  • Conversion Funnel Messaging & Design Recommendations

Get the boost
You've Already Earned.

With a potential treasure-trove of conversions and marketing insights at your fingertips, why are you waiting on leveraging this effective and budget-friendly marketing channel? Get in touch with Buhv’s marketing experts to learn more about what we can do to jumpstart your email strategy.