Are PPC & Ads Still Worth It?

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Internet search and social media platforms are an increasingly crowded and competitive space for marketers to play in. Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Cost-per-Impression (CPM) based ads allow for marketers to cut through the noise and bid for direct placement of your service or special offer in search results and in social media feeds. Advanced, hyper-targeting techniques allow us to get your ads in front of high-intent, potential customers that have shown interest in similar products or services. The best part? Paid media is highly measurable through accurate pixel tracking implementation, in-platform metrics, and testing and optimization tools designed to refine your campaigns automatically or drive insights on future positioning, meaning you can account for every dollar spent and attribute it directly to revenue. Cool, right?

Here’s where we like to focus efforts for our clients:

  • Google Adwords
  • Paid Social: Facebook, Insta, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Display Networks
  • Cross-Channel Retargeting

Why are PPC & Ads Important?

In the Age of Big Data, Find Your Sweet Spot

Digital advertising offers the opportunity to get in front of your target audience fast making it an effective solution to promote a short term offer or service that isn’t currently reaching the right audience. More importantly, digital ads allow for greater reach, engagement and scalability with the insights that are collected from platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads. Measurement down to the specific ad level tells marketers everything they need to know about their audience and helps them make improvements across all marketing channels in the mix.

With most Americans spending as much as six hours a day using digital media and 64% of people who have an intent to purchase clicking on ads, we know buyers are engaged with paid digital advertising. You could be missing out on a large segment of potential buyers or leaving an important piece of attribution off the table.

How Does PPC Work?

3 Sure-Fire Steps to Getting Your Ad in Front of the Right People

Hint: Find an agency that knows more than just how to launch a paid media campaign… look for an agency that understands the testing and optimization lifecycle. That’s what we do at least, and it works! That’s because paid media campaigns consist of three repeatable steps at Buhv. Here’s how we do it.

Research and Plan

Research and planning at Buhv goes well beyond keyword planning tools and bid simulators. While we use these tools in this step, we want to understand who your audience is, where they spend their time online and what their interests and pain points are. These insights define your buyer persona and help us understand where and when to advertise and what kind of creative to show them, creating a more effective advertising campaign right out of the gate.

Create and Execute

Using the insights we gather from our research and planning, the team at Buhv will execute your campaign strategy that includes budget optimization techniques, creative testing, and audience segmentation plans. Combining both our expertise in digital marketing and our outstanding design and copywriting capabilities, we’ll create ads that speak volumes to your potential customers and a drive significant results that we’ll optimize over time.

Measure and Optimize

Measuring and optimizing ad campaigns relies on the identification of key metrics and ensuring the proper tracking parameters are put into place. Combined with monitoring campaign results and actively researching ways to improve ad engagement, we will recommend improvements such as iterating on ad copy, A/B testing landing page designs, or simply making adjustments to your bid strategy to improve the overall effectiveness of the campaign. The insights gathered from your ad reporting help us scale and continuously improve your digital paid media strategy.

Paid Ads & PPC Made Easy

Buhv Designs offer paid advertising solutions in social media and Google Adwords. But, which one is right for you? Check out the specific advertising solutions we offer or put some time on the calendar with us to find out!