What Is It?

Flawless User Interactions to Intricately Custom Functions–We’ve Got You.

Web development has come a long way, even in the last five years, and we know it’s hard to keep up. Whether you’ve been hitting roadblocks with your current site and need to rebuild or you’re just breaking ground in world-wide web, make sure you’re future-proofing your most vital online sales-driver so that you don’t end up behind the curve in six months. At Buhv, your team of developers will make sure that the site you hire us to build is forward-looking and ready to scale when you are. We’ll spend time researching the latest development best-practices that your custom functionality needs to stay relevant and out-last your competitors. By seeing beyond the basics of your needed feature-set we dig into the finer details of the build, creating a custom solution that stands the test of time and can be adjusted as soon as the latest updates to Google’s algorithm or WordPress’ core code get pushed. Don’t be left in the dark ages of two years ago.

Why is it important?

Develop a Digital Experience, Not Just a Digital Business Card.

Brand Awareness

Websites are unique–unlike any other medium, they allow you to interact directly with your audience. Taking full advantage of this opportunity and creating a site that your audience enjoys engaging with is how you create memorable experiences that will keep your business top of mind in your industry and one step ahead of your competitors.

Credibility and Trust

According to a recent eCommerce Foundation study, 88% of consumers research any purchase online before making a decision to buy. This means that your online brand experience is essential to building the necessary credibility and trust with your potential customers. Don’t leave them feeling unsure with a site that is outdated and doesn’t give them the essential features to make a purchase decision when their intention is highest.

Lead Generation and Sales

Beyond the fact that your site will likely be the first touch-point that your target audience has with your brand, it’s also well-known that potential customers are now looking for more ways to connect, book services, and purchase through digital platforms, especially on their mobile devices. Staying in the mix for online shoppers is essential for the financial viability of your business.

How does it work?

With User Research and Experience, We Develop Sites that Stand Out.

Designing to Build

At Buhv, our developers are completely integrated into the creative team. With our designers and developers working side-by-side, we create websites that are ready for custom development. By planning for the required functionality (from eCommerce to custom animations) at the onset of any project, the design team will ensure that all approved creative has a development solution that meets the requirements of the final website. By working together to research and plan the code that will get delivered, our team has streamlined the process of custom development so that your new website stays on budget and on schedule.

Custom Functionality and Integrations

We live in a world of digital marketing solutions. Trust us, we’ve seen A LOT of them and new options continue to pop up all over the web. This is why we pride ourselves in creating custom solutions to the integrations you need to run your business. Whether it’s a CRM, tracking tool, or home-built database that you need to use to provide your customers with the necessary information to make a purchase decision, we will find a way to integrate it and ensure the front-end interface matches your site’s design. Here are some of the integrations that we develop for our clients regularly:

  • CRMs and Contact Forms
  • Analytics and Tracking Tools
  • Booking and Ticketing solutions
  • Maps
  • Job Application Tracking Software
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Custom Database APIs
  • Custom Login Portals
  • Social Media Integrations

Device and Browser Testing

As of November 2018, mobile web browser usage is catching up to desktop usage coming in at almost 45% of the market share, not to mention that mobile-usability is now being monitored by Google’s search algorithm, making accessibility a key factor to your organic rankings. This means that your site better be ready for mobile users from the get-go. Before we launch any new site, we go through a robust process of device and browser testing to ensure that the site we build you will look and function perfectly across the plethora user access combinations out there.

Custom WordPress CMS and Training

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) for any website, not just a blogging solution. Did you know that TechCrunch and the New York Times are both built on WordPress? It’s true. The reason we love WordPress is because it is incredibly scaleable, allows us to integrate almost any 3rd party solution, and because it gives our clients total control over their site without having to know how to code. Using a tool called Advanced Custom Fields, our development team can create a seamless backend that allows your team (tech-savvy or not) to manage everything if you choose to. We’ll train you on the ins and outs of using the WordPress CMS so that you can have full ownership over your website once it’s done.

Your Business.

A site shouldn’t just look pretty. Let us help you develop a site that interacts with your audience by creating an experience they will remember.