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Being visible in Google search results is important for your business credibility. Owning a search result with top of page ad placement, maps placement and organic placement helps you dominate the competition and convert clicks into clients. Does your company need help with organic or local SEO? Are you following SEO best practices for your website? Are your Ad’s relevant to user queries? Let our team get you to page one!

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Search engines are geared to deliver hyperlocal, location based results.  Buhv Designs creates, fixes, and implements local listing data across 80 plus different publishers with the ultimate goal of putting you first on the map in your local market. Run a scan of your business listings to see where your oportunities exist


Organic search engine optimization results come from your relevance as an online expert in your field. You are great at your job, we showcase how phenomenal you are so that search engines can show you off, and in turn, new customers contact you! A Denver SEO company you can trust to bring you real, tangible results.

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Your customers are searching for highly specific words and phrases. Placing your ad at the top of the SERP means knowing how to trigger these keywords with relevant ad copy and strategic bidding. It’s more than having a compelling headline, PPC Advertising is an art form and a science. Let our Denver PPC experts help you optimize ads for your most important keywords and drive better conversion.

Denver SEO Experts

There is a corny joke existing in our industry: “If you ever want to hide something, put it on the second page of search results.” Where the joke is corny, it is sadly true. Less than 3% of internet users click through to the second page of Google results! You have a limited chance to reach your online customers. We make sure you’re not lost in the crowd. Trust Buhv Designs to put you on the right path with a comprehensive SEO audit and Denver SEO strategy today!

Locally Focused SEO

If you remove all of the distractions, all the noise, all the fluff behind a business, you find an important fact. When product quality is not a concern, people use businesses they trust. The idea of people often relying on hometown businesses is extremely relevant in the world of the Internet. The main street may have moved online, but your business can still be the local excerpt consumers use.

Search engines are designed to deliver their users results based on location. No matter your target demographic, we make sure you appear high in their local search results. Whether someone is a long-term resident or stopping through, their location, when they search, is going to drive their business. We drive them to you first.

Keyword Optimization

Every business, every industry, every service. All of these areas have a specific set of phrases used to describe them in a search. If your customers are searching for a lawyer in Ohio, those words are exactly what they are going to type. It is not a mystery what terms consumers are searching. What is a more complex piece of the puzzle is how to trigger these keywords without going overboard.

You cannot throw your desired keywords into every inch of your content or across every aspect of your page. It would seem unnatural and doesn’t work. Learning how to wrap keywords into your web design can take time. Good news is that we’ve already spent the time learning this. No matter your business, we can help determine what keywords must show up, and we will help you hit them to the tee. No more awkward reminding your visitors what you do every sentence. We support a natural way of connecting. Let’s put the humanity back into the Internet.

Organic SEO Results

Not all search is paid, and not all search is carefully scoured. Many times, you are going to appear higher in a search because of your relevance to what is happening. If someone Googled your specific business name, of course you are going to show up at the top. Organic results mean making this more and more possible.

You might be the best at what you do, but you cannot say that. If other people are saying this for you, you are in luck. We help establish you as the local expert in your area. It is not you lack in expertise, it is just the internet doesn’t know this yet. Through back linking, republishing, and tailoring your content, we create an online presence to write home about.


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We would love to sit down and brainstorm with you about how to better manage your local SEO or national organic SEO campaigns. Every business has different needs and those needs require diverse SEO strategies. At Buhv Designs, we understand and embrace that. Every project we are hired to complete, we develop a custom tailored search marketing plan to maximize the return on investment for our clients. We do this not only to maximize our client’s profits, but also to maintain long term relationships. Feel free to email us or give us a call anytime.

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