What Is It?

Beyond “Buzzworthy”: Content Marketing that Converts

Content marketing is more than a buzzword–it is video, imagery, informational or opinion-based long or short form copy, charts, graphs, infographics, social media posts, user-generated reviews or testimonials, and even website buttons. It’s anything that provides color and detail for your customers about your services and offerings designed to guide them through your purchase-flow. Our content team specializes in finding the right blend of:

  • Content types and touch-points
  • A custom strategy based on your business goals
  • Content optimized for leads and conversions

This means you’ll not only show up in search when customers are looking for you, but you’ll also be set up to capture leads and make sales because your content was clear, concise, and persuasive. Can you say HIGHER CTR!

Why is it important?

Content Marketing Agency

The Cornerstone of Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

Content strategies are all about presenting the right information, in the right format, at the right time to your perfect customer. A well-planned strategy is targeted, engaging, and conversion-oriented. At the end of the day, it provides your customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision. We create content strategies that do just that–attract the right customers, turning them into clients.

How does it work?

Smart, Data-Informed Content Strategies that Align with Your Brand

Research and Data Collection

By gathering research and data like visitor demographics, marketplace trends, and site engagement metrics, we are able to figure out what types of content your audiences respond best to. At Buhv, we use data points like search volume and keyword trends to make sure that we create content that answers the questions your customers are asking to improve your rankings and the success of your organic campaigns.

Planning and Creation

Our team starts with a plan and an outline. Using both UX and SEO best practices, we develop content themes with your customer in mind. This includes both primary and secondary research. We tap into your expertise and then analyze competition and trustworthy sources to write the most thorough and authoritative content as possible. If we’re developing a blog strategy, we’ll create a content roadmap that aligns to the themes and topics that contribute to and bolster your website’s hero content. We also optimize and align social media and email marketing strategies, so that every communication that reaches your customer is cohesive and designed to drive sales.

Quality and Curation

Content is more than just words, it’s a delicate balance of voice, tone, context, and information. Whether you’ve already got established brand guidelines for voice or you’re working with us to develop them, we tailor each piece to fit the voice and tone of your company. We’ll make sure that your website, blog, and social content matches your messaging and builds upon your existing marketing presence. In-house quality control and review processes make sure that the content delivered to you is error-free, clear, concise, and coincides with the overall digital marketing strategy. Beyond just words, we also curate imagery and video to align with written content and your brand look and feel.

Testing and Optimization

No good content strategy would be complete without a testing and optimization plan. By continuing to track success metrics across your marketing channels (website, social engagement, and email KPIs, for instance), we are able to identify what content works at what points in your sales funnel. Using these learnings, we can make informed recommendations for new content or iterations on existing content across all your campaigns. This is how you make content truly work for you.

Content Marketing is More
than Writing Copy.

At Buhv, we create fully-developed, integrated content strategies that are highly targeted and effective in driving conversions.