What Is It?

Stay On Course with Your Content

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Content is King,” but who has the time to generate a whole bunch of content when you’re trying to run a business? Well, here’s the thing. Most companies who bring their A-game to the content world don’t generate all of their ideas on the fly. In fact, the majority of highly successful content creators plan at least three- to six-months ahead by developing a content roadmap that outlines what topics they’re going to write about and which buyer personas they’re trying to target. So, whether you have the chops and plan to write it all yourself or you plan on outsourcing your blog, email, or social posts, having a strategic content plan in place will save time, money, and headaches. This is why the Buhv content team has designed a proprietary process including a client workshop session to does just that.

During a Buhv content roadmapping workshop, our team will take what you already know about your customer demographics, psychographics, and pain points and turn them into relevant topics and titles for your blogs, long form content, whitepapers, social posts, videos, and many other formats for sharing knowledge. This content can then be leveraged for inbound marketing, SEO strategies, social media outreach, email fodder, or general thought leadership for your business.

Turning your ideas into a well-organized content roadmap powers up your content marketing and inbound channels for informed and highly-qualified leads!

Why is it important?

Spend Less Time Thinking and More Time Doing

Great content strategies are at the core of most high-performing marketing campaigns. A library of thoughtful and well-crafted content creates closer connections to your current and potential customers by:

  • Building trust and a positive reputation
  • Demonstrating subject matter expertise
  • Humanizing the core elements of your business
  • Delighting and engaging your audience with relevant content

However, it’s difficult to achieve those things when you’re constantly spinning the wheels, figuring out what to write.

Establishing a high performing content strategy starts with developing a well researched and informed content roadmap. By establishing baselines for the most common traits among your buyers and identifying the most common questions, you can generate content that speaks directly to your target audience making it more effective at answering their questions. Your roadmap should have your content planned out 6- to 12-months in advance allowing you and your team to spend more time on writing great content and less time thinking about what to write next.

How does it work?

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Content Roadmap

Establishing a well-planned content strategy takes less effort than you might think. Our 90-minute content roadmap session has been designed, down to the minute, to make the most of your time with us. This is what to expect:

Pre-Session Questionnaire

Before we jump into the planning session, we’ll have you and your team fill out a brief questionnaire that outlines the basics of what we’ll need to get the ball rolling. This includes a deeper dive into your core audience and their demographics and psychographics, which is vital for building content that is relevant to your customers.

Buyer Persona Refinement & Topic Generation

To kick off our roadmap session, we’ll review the personas your team developed and refine them. The goal of this portion of the meeting is to build out a series of pain points across multiple (usually, two or three) personas. With these outlined, we’re able to begin tracking buckets of topics that are crossing all of your audience segments. These topics will end up being the top-level categories for your content strategy.

Content Mission Statement

Developing a clear and concise content mission statement will allow us to ensure that any content we suggest ladders up to the overall goal of your marketing strategy. Generated using a proven formula, the content mission statement will outline who you’re creating content for, what kind of information you’ll provide, and why it’s important for your core personas.

Content Brainstorm

During our workshop, you’ll actively participate in the generation of content titles, so you can see how it all comes together. Using the pain points from your personas, guided by the topics that we defined, our team will show you how to research for commonly asked questions on Google, peruse Google’s autofill search terms, and use idea-generating tools like “People also Asked…” to create headlines that will guide your content to the top of organic search rankings. Not only will you see the inner-workings of our team’s super-stars, but you’ll hopefully learn how to replicate it in the future for generating new ideas!

Roadmap Finalization

This last step we’ll tackle outside of the workshop session. Our digital marketing team will take all of the information we outlined in the meeting and pull together a long list of proposed content titles that may be executed across a number of different formats (long-form, email, whitepapers, video, etc.). We’ll prioritize them based on search opportunity and work them into a publishing schedule that makes sense for your team. After that, all you’ve got to do is write and publish–which we would love to help you with as well!

Your Roadmap.

Keeping your content fresh, relevant, and on-schedule has never been easier than with Buhv’s Content Roadmapping Session. Let us help you map it out.