National Fitness Club’s Digital Strategy Whipped into Shape

Wellbridge Athletic Clubs AdWords and SEO Campaign


For more than three decades, Wellbridge has successfully managed fitness properties across the country. With an intimate knowledge of boutique, full-service spas and residential athletic clubs, to large-scale, employee-only corporate fitness centers, they continue to define the fitness industry’s best practices.

How to Drive Quality Leads and Boost Memberships?

Wellbridge Athletic Clubs were spending an excessive amount of money on a paid advertising strategy that struggled to increase club lead count. Buhv Designs was tasked with an overhaul of the current Google Adwords campaigns, and needed to drive better quality leads to the Wellbridge clubs through a combined effort in advertising and SEO strategy.


SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy focused on a robust keyword strategy for facility type terms, such as “Athletic Clubs {city}” and club amenity based terms such as “tennis clubs in {city}.” We used techniques in local SEO, on-page, and technical SEO to help influence the rank of these keywords across all clubs in their portfolio with the goal of having dual placement in SERPS, both in local listings and organic listings.

Paid Advertising

The paid advertising strategy implemented by Buhv aimed at accomplishing two goals: reduce spend and increase lead conversions. In the rebuild of the ads campaign, we reduced the amount of broad match keywords being used, created additional segmentation of target keywords, focused geographic targeting, implemented the use of dedicated landing pages, and added display remarketing to the ad mix. Ongoing optimization efforts included promotional updates to ads, bid adjustments, keyword target adjustments, ad rotation scheduling, and A/B testing of landing pages.


Within the first 3 months of the new strategy being live, Wellbridge attracted more qualified leads with a 27% increase in organic search rankings and a 39% Increase in maps rankings. Not only were more potential members finding the clubs in ads, maps, and Google search, but the improved strategy also created a 52% increase in ad conversion rate.

Alongside a 6% reduction in overall spend, Wellbridge is seeing the ROI of a 2% increase in club member joins YTD. That’s less money… making more money!