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Website & Digital Marketing Campaign


PepperJax Grill is all about good food, prepared with care over a hot grill. The high-profile restaurant company owns forty-one locations across the Midwest, each one committed to creating an inviting environment where friends and family can relax, connect, and dig into a hearty meal.

New Branding Demands a Fresh Digital Look

With new branding ready to be implemented across all digital channels and marketing collateral, PepperJax Grill teamed up with Buhv Designs to redesign their outdated website. The refreshed site would need to strengthen the brand identity, focus on the brand persona, and continue to support users searching for their local PepperJax.

PepperJax Gets Found with Buhv’s SEO Services

Users being able to easily find the location of the restaurant they’re searching for online is vital to the growth of a healthy restaurant chain. Early in the project, the PepperJax team decided to pair Buhv’s website design with our suite of SEO services in order to get the maximum return on their investment.

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This project included close collaboration between our designers, developers, and digital marketers. Digging into the company’s target audience, competitors, and goals for the site redesign, our team created two unique, but connected strategies for the site design and SEO campaign. The web design team planned to champion PepperJax’s rebrand while infusing their own design flavor in the website. Digital marketing crafted a detailed approach for including SEO best practices in the website build then implementing a robust ongoing campaign once the site launched.


To support PepperJax’s new brand identity, the Buhv team focused on representing the “every person” brand persona through the straightforward design of the site. Our designers created five different concepts for the homepage, flexing their design chops and challenging them to think differently about UX design. Every option stayed on-brand, maintaining a simple look with minimal copy. For the final design direction, PepperJax chose our use of imagery that looked like torn craft paper to add character in a unique, but clean manner.


Buhv’s digital marketing team worked in tandem with our development crew to create functionality in the new site that would enable users to search for individual restaurant locations from the main homepage. This super store finder feature would increase user engagement and improve user experience, ultimately benefiting SEO rankings. Our developers crafted forty-one separate location pages, one for each individual restaurant, while our digital marketers optimized every page for search.

SEO Suite

From citations, on-page, and technical SEO to structured data, Buhv’s digital marketing team was prepared to take the bold, new site and optimize every aspect for search. Once the new site was ready to launch, our SEO team combed every page, adding title tags, meta descriptions, and structured data to help search engines better define and display the content in relevant searches. We cleaned up PepperJax’s citation data for all of their different locations, ensuring the hours and contact information for each restaurant were accurate.

Ongoing Management

Our digital marketing services include long-term tracking, analysis, and adjustment in order to exceed goals and crush top competitors. Buhv’s SEO team stayed actively involved monitoring PepperJax’s site after the launch. Over the course of their digital marketing campaign, Buhv will create landing pages for their seasonal promotions and continually optimize changes to their site for better user engagement.

“They immediately brought our brand to the first page of Google search results, and continue to bring new ideas & thinking to the table to help drive results through digital marketing. If choosing an SEO/Digital Marketing partner again, we would absolutely partner with Buhv time-and-time again.”
– Creative Director, PepperJax Grill

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PepperJax Grill’s new website, optimized for search and fully responsive, launched in the fall of 2017. Just a few months after launch, organic search accounted for more than half of the traffic to the PepperJax site, a testament to Buhv’s diligent SEO efforts. The continuous work of the Buhv digital marketing team has been driving the positive growth of the site’s keyword ranking and mobile search analytics ever since the site went live.

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“Buhv has been instrumental in both the redesign of our brand’s website and launching our business into the world of SEO. Armed with an incredible team of experts, they took the time to understand the needs of our business and developed a newly-designed website that we proudly feel represents the brand. Building on this relationship, we enlisted Buhv to support our venture into SEO/Digital Marketing and have been continually impressed with their results.”
– Creative Director, PepperJax Grill


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