Buhv Generates Leads, Customers and Traffic for Spring Break Through Paid Social Advertising

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American Paintball Coliseum is a locally owned and operated adrenaline sports company with four locations across Colorado and Arizona. APC provides a fun and safe indoor and outdoor environment for people of all ages to engage in adrenaline sports including paintball, airsoft, and laser tag.

Let’s Bring ‘Em In!

American Paintball Coliseum came to Buhv looking for new ways to drive players to their fields throughout the year. Buhv began by developing campaigns around the seasonality of events like Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, and beyond. With the Spring Break season starting across Colorado in just 2 weeks, Buhv was tasked with developing a campaign to drive immediate impact for APC.

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Fun For All Ages

Adrenaline sports like paintball, laser tag, and airsoft appeal to a large audience. Non-impact laser tag for the youngsters and more aggressive paintball and airsoft for the older crowds. With the wide range of ages and demographics, Buhv chose to use the power of Facebook’s targeting capabilities to create a campaign that would hone in on adrenaline sports junkies of all types.

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Audience Development

Buhv gathered data on American Paintball Coliseum’s previous customers who had the greatest propensity to visit one of their locations during the Spring Break period. Utilizing Facebook, look-a-like audiences were created for each location matching Facebook users who have similar demographics and psychographics to their customer database.

Campaign Design

Understanding that consumers tend to convert at a higher rate when not prompted to leave the platform they are currently using, Buhv chose to use lead ads as their generation tactic. Lead ads run seamlessly within a user’s Facebook news feed. They provide the offer, a lead form, and a downloadable coupon/voucher without requiring the user to leave Facebook. Buhv and APC collaborated to develop an offer giving folks a free field pass providing all-day access to their facilities during Spring Break in exchange for their name and email address.

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Qualified… Very Qualified

With a conservative ad budget of $1750 and a short campaign timeline of 2 weeks, Buhv was able to generate 483 coupon downloads across 2 of APC’s locations. That equates to 483 highly qualified re-marketable email addresses at just $3.57 a piece.

In The Face of a Global Challenge

During the campaign, recommendations and restrictions amongst individuals and businesses began to arise due to the growing concerns of COVID-19’s impact on the State of Colorado. While restaurants, bars, and other businesses were shut down almost immediately, APC was able to remain open until the State-wide shelter-in-place order was enacted. APC was able to drive traffic prior to the order with the coupon downloads. APC was then able to continue to market to those leads via email marketing with a discounted gift card and field pass offers for when re-opening for play becomes available.


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