What Is It?

Brands Don’t Just Exist, They’re Built

Denver Brand Strategy & Design

Pretty logos are not the only thing that create a lasting impression, they’re just a piece of the branding puzzle. Beginning with an inspiring and clear vision for your business that speaks to your core customer and ending with brand loyalty and a highly engaged repeat clientele, an effective brand is built through strategic messaging and emotionally-targeted creative. At Buhv, we aim to lay a foundation for your business that will be long-lasting, yet give you the room to evolve over time as new insights, market shifts, and data drive you forward.

Building a great brand takes time and many steps, but ultimately what comes out of it is a set of tools that allow you to maintain its effectiveness and continue to propagate it through any channel, from print to broadcast to social and beyond.

Here’s what every business needs in their Brand Book to lay the groundwork for success:

  • Target Audience Definition
  • Strategic Messaging Platform
  • Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Personality & Voice Guidelines

Why is it important?

What’s All the Fuss About Branding?

Listen, we get it. Everyone is told they “need it”, but the information out there sometimes makes “branding” seem like a load of nonsense. And you’re probably asking yourself, “What does it actually contribute to my business?” Well, if it’s done right, you’ll feel the results pretty quickly, and here’s why. Branding provides clarity for a business–it sets a foundational direction for how to focus your decision-making, hire your staff, execute your marketing campaigns, build a loyal customer-base, and so on. It’s essentially your trail map for building an efficient and booming business, because it takes the guesswork out of your long-term goal setting.

Here’s exactly what a well-crafted brand can do for the future of your business:

  • Set the trajectory of your business with a long-term vision and mission
  • Deliver a clear and highly targeted message to anyone who engages with you
  • Build and maintain your industry credibility
  • Connect your product or service to your target prospects, emotionally
  • Motivate your audience to purchase with you over your competition
  • Establish your business as the sole provider of your core services or products
  • Develop a loyal clientele who advocate for you in the marketplace

How does it work?

Hard Work Up Front = Measurable Results

Building a brand from the ground up is no easy task. In our experience, it can be the most challenging part of starting or developing your business. Often there’s disagreement amongst stakeholders as subjectivity, personal preferences, and desired brand outcomes come into play. To help with this process, the Buhv team has refined our methods of approaching a branding or rebranding initiative. Through a combination of thorough research and a collaborative discovery process, we’ve found that fears and concerns can be quelled with objective, data-driven insights and competitive analysis designed to find market opportunities and guide creative decision-making. Here’s how we approach the branding process:

Research & Discovery

  • Execute targeted Brand Studies
  • Research & analyze the competitive landscape to determine market positioning
  • Develop Buyer Personas
  • Interview key stakeholders

Strategic Messaging Platform

  • Develop long-lasting Vision and Mission statements
  • Define your market Positioning statement and Unique Brand Advantages
  • Establish your Core Values
  • Build Personality & Voice Guidelines

Visual Identity Development

  • Design a Logo that speaks to your target
  • Pair fonts to effectively communicate your message
  • Develop a color palette tied to color theory
  • Build a visual Styleguide
  • Design Concept Sketches to showcase how it all comes together

Start Building
Your Brand.

Deciding who to go to with your branding project can be challenging. That’s why the Buhv team takes a listen-first approach to ensure that we hear you AND your customers to produce an effective strategy that stands the test of time.