What makes BUHV Different?

With all the options of digital marketing and website design companies to choose from, we often get asked, ”what makes BUHV different?” The short answer is, “BUHV is Denver’s most-trusted full-service boutique digital marketing agency for honest results.” A shorter answer would be, “Big enough to execute, small enough to care.” Of course, that’s easy for us to say. But how would you know if you’ve never worked with us?

Well, consider this: since our founding in 2014, we’ve helped hundreds of companies in various ways:

  • Created high-quality SEO campaigns that get clients to rank on the first page of search results
  • Used those rankings to leverage more web traffic and lead generation
  • Revamped business messaging and branding into new websites that build value and credibility
  • Optimized advertising ROI with high conversion funnels and creative hooks to build business   

Those are just a few things we do regularly, but we know what you’re thinking: doesn’t everybody do that?

You’re right, we talk a lot about what we do, so instead, let’s focus on what partnering with BUHV means. These are the five qualities that truly define BUHV and how we are different.


1. BUHV = Better Understanding. Honest Value.

That’s right. Our name is just not some clever marketing trick to trip people up. Understanding and empathy are in our DNA and we take the time to deeply invest in your business. Ultimately, we take the time to understand the “why” and build a strategy with roadmaps that actually drive your unique business. BUHV’s founders, Robert Lane and Alex Hemker, started our company after witnessing a surprising lack of integrity and humanity in the digital marketing industry. 

They found that most agencies just regurgitated standard analytics, old proposals, and basic strategies for every client. Even worse, after perfecting a client’s campaign, they would solicit your competition as “industry experts” increasing your competition. They were more focused on their bottom line, instead of your own.

So BUHV was started to provide brands like yours with a trustworthy and reliable source of sustainable, organic growth. We take the time to understand your business, why you are in your business, what matters most to your customers (and your team), and becoming the seamless “sixth-man” you can rely on.

We absolutely love BUHV and have the data to prove their exceptional strategic value! It is rare to find an organization that just gets your brand and our account manager is a rare gem in this field. Over the past three years, we had a small moment where we fell for a slick sales presentation from another agency and had to spend three months with this competitor that just didn’t understand us. As soon as our contract with this competitor expired we ran back to BUHV like an ex you should have never left in the first place. Since partnering with BUHV we have seen our newer user growth jump by 600% and are continually ranking on the first page in our major keyword groups.”

Jason Schlosky, Director of Marketing for PASCO

PASCO Home Health Care homepage screenshot BUHV

In a world full of marketing companies that employ shady, black hat SEO strategies and build smoke-and-mirror reports of meaningless wins, BUHV wants to be remembered as the one who will speak the truth and do the diligence to really care about your business. 



2. Scalable & Agile

Sick of working with Account Specialists and interns who don’t bring anything new to the table? 

Our core team has successful entrepreneurs, MBAs, and Fortune-200 experience, no on-the-job training. When you work with us, you’ll be paired with a Senior Account Manager who works with you and understands your business’s challenges and goals. From small businesses and local non-profits, to national franchises and multiple business unit enterprises doing 9-figures worth of business, we have worked with them all. 

We are not only planning for where your business is today, but where you want to get to. Our scalability means that you won’t outgrow us as your marketing partner. No starting for scratch or bringing on additional help as you scale. Opening a second location? We got you. Expanding to another state? Yup, done that. Need a solution for your franchise growth? Been there…done that. 

Metal spheres on scale - balance

“I think scalable and agile perfectly describes our mentality at BUHV. We don’t fit you into a box of what we can and can’t do. We want to be truly creative with the freedom to take on any project we find interesting. If you look at our client roster you’ll see companies with revenues from 500k to 500mm.”

– Robert Lane, founder of BUHV Designs

Our entire core team has been in this industry for a decade and with all that time, comes a great network of partners. Our knowledge base goes far beyond our core services. While BUHV offers a comprehensive approach to design and digital marketing in-house, we also understand that there may be other services that you want to utilize in your campaign. Not only do we have the partnerships, but will help manage that relationship to make sure our strategies are well aligned and you are not stuck double paying for services. Whether that leads us to pursue brand video production, custom video animation, PR support, app development, or full lead-generation campaigns, we have the team in place. 


3. Creative Digital Solutions

We aren’t satisfied until you are. And even then, we’ll probably still recommend going to the next step. That’s why we are always looking for ways to optimize the growth of your leads, rankings, conversion rates, ROI, and any other metric that brings you lasting results. But we don’t just care about your metrics and top key performance indicators (KPIs)—we care about your business. We’ll take a genuine interest in your brand and invest the time to build a positive relationship with you and your team.

“We are not a design studio or ‘SEO shop’. We are a true creative digital agency. We take the time to think about where we can creatively solve their sales & marketing or design problems. We don’t prescribe band-aid solutions, rather, we take the approach of finding the underlying and core issues that lead to surface level challenges.”

– Robert Lane, founder of BUHV Designs

We take a Comprehensive Approach. But what does that really mean?

Think of it this way: you come to us looking for more leads and because you are currently not showing up for a specific keyword, you come to us for SEO help. As we dig in to get you on the first page of Google, we uncover a myriad of technical errors, foundational SEO optimizations, and site speed issues, along the way. But we also uncover a few other components that could use some fine-tuning. 

BUHV is knowledgeable and equipped to make conversion rate optimization (CRO) optimizations right onto your website. While we do enjoy a forward-thinking design, we also focus on developing a strong sales-funnel-focused design flow. We also find some design issues like mobile compatibility ruining your customer experience (UX). No worries, we have the team in-house to make those design updates right on your website. 

In short, if we see an opportunity for growth, we’ll let you know. Just check out how thorough our preliminary audits on your website for each of our clients.



4. Senior Talent

Would you want to work with anything else? No amount of subpar intern work can match a seasoned vet with years of experience. The old adage remains true – you get what you pay for.

With over a decade of experience working in all types of industries, we’ve had plenty of time to learn best practices. Being industry agnostic, means we have even learned a few tricks for businesses you wouldn’t expect. But as all masters of their craft, we never forget the fundamentals. Cleaning up technical SEO errors for digital marketing campaigns, keeping your Google My Business looking good, clear analytics while running paid advertising, and strong UX emphasis on website design are just some of the items that come to mind. BUHV also is continuously staying on top of the newest trends, Google algorithm updates, and software to give you a competitive edge. Feel like your marketing company is just giving you leads, but you need help closing them? Consider a conversion-focused lead generation campaign. Want to target all customers walking into your #1 competitor? Yup, we got that as well. A senior-level agency like BUHV brings something to the table your internal junior-level marketing manager or an outside freelancer can’t deliver in one complete package.

Man…these dudes know their stuff. Beyond having a slick, modern and aesthetically pleasing approach to the digital world, everyone has been incredibly helpful and they truly care about the work they put out. Robert has done an amazing job of getting my business back on track with SEO and has overall a vast source of knowledge and understanding from B2B relationships. As much as I would love to keep this company a secret it’s only right to share the experience. Good work lads.

– Dominic Rosacci, owner of Superior Ink & Printing

That’s part of what makes us a reliable business partner who brings you sustainable results. We use decades of expertise to help you understand what your best options are. This ensures that you are getting the strategy that fits your business instead of a recycled strategy from another client of theirs or the same cookie-cutter approach. Almost every company is looking for the identical goal: more customers and better sales. There are multiple ways you can get there and we partner with you to make sure we are taking the right approach.


5. Partnership Focused

Chances are, you do business with people you like, and with people that are accountable. We try to focus on both and strive to really know our partner’s business. Keeping healthy, partner-focused relationships doesn’t happen by accident.

When recently reviewing our client feedback and testimonials, one of the most common words that kept coming up was “family”. But not in the way you prefer to skip those monthly check-in calls like Thanksgiving at the in-laws, but how BUHV seamlessly fits right into your business. We are not there to build up our client base but work with you to grow and scale your business. Some clients prefer to have us on more of a consultative basis and that is OK. We are ready to jump into the weeds with you. Frustrated about seeing nothing but small incremental differences in your efforts? Let’s have a brainstorming session and get down to the real heart of the problem.

White jigsaw puzzle on yellow background. Team business success partnership or teamwork.

“Outside of the culture and makeup of the team, I wanted BUHV to be the best SEO & digital marketing partner you could work with. A true partner – someone that learns your business and makes suggestions for what really needs to happen next. The market was ripe with “order takers” that didn’t really value the client, they were interested in the recurring revenue. We didn’t want to just be a “vendor” that forces a product on you because that’s what we “think” will help. Coming from a small business and entrepreneurial background, I wanted a small, mom & pop accounting firm to get the same love and expertise as Deloitte. We did away with the layers of account people and meetings that we had at the old agency I was with and passed along that savings to our clients. Our clients appreciate that and it allows us to keep that small family feel while achieving amazing results for our partners.”

– Robert Lane, founder of BUHV Designs

And we don’t simply create strategies and call it a day— we’re constantly tweaking them to optimize your return. We thrive on creating customized marketing strategies for each of our clients because we understand they drive the best results. We can then cater that plan each month to ensure it is tailor-fitted to your business.  

Our team will reach out to you frequently because we believe consistent and transparent communication is key to developing trust with our clients. But we also hold our clients responsible—we’ll expect you to attend our regular meetings, so we’re always on the same page.

What we love hearing from clients is that they feel understood and that they feel like part of the family. Hearing from our clients “wow, this is different than my last agency experience”, is so satisfying. It’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve as a company. Want to join our family?


Experience BUHV For Yourself

We could list quotes from our happy customers all day, but we believe the only way to truly know if something is true is to experience it for yourself. 

Whether you need help with updating your website, quality organic SEO strategy, paid media marketing, content development, or looking for senior-level consulting for your business, BUHV is here for you. Contact us today, and let’s get you started with a free strategy session.

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