Top 5 Reasons For Redesigning Your Website to Impact Your Bottom Line

Living in a technological age, there’s no denying that your company’s website is more important than ever before. In fact, more than three-quarters of the U.S. population is expected to shop online throughout 2019. Your website a vital part of your marketing plan since 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. Unfortunately, when your website is outdated, not meeting the goals you’ve defined for the business, or not well designed, you won’t reap the same benefits. Over time, this can cost your company in vital revenue loss. Here are five key reasons why a website redesign is a powerful investment to increase your company’s leads, customer base, revenue, and the ultimate bottom line.

1. Your Site Doesn’t Have An Integrated CRM Platform

You probably understand the importance of your CRM for tracking some of your customer account information. It allows you to track account activity, customer service calls, and more. However, if you haven’t integrated that CRM with your website yet, you’re missing out on some key features that could help you make the most of your customer relationships.

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For example, you could be losing out on some important opportunities to capture leads. When your website relies on a contact form that goes to an email address, you’ve got so many different manual steps involved, from receiving the email to entering the information into the CRM, that it can delay, or potentially eliminate, accessing those leads. If the emails don’t make it to your server, or the data entry staff loses the email, you’ve lost a possible lead. This also takes more time than if the process were automated.

When those leads don’t make it into your CRM for any reason, you’ve lost the potential to follow up on that lead and possibly qualify it and turn it into a sale. There is so much opportunity with marketing automation and the ability to nurture your leads. If you haven’t captured these leads within your CRM, you’re losing the ability to track that potential client, give them follow-up information they’re looking for and convert them into a sale.

CRM data also gives you more insight into the client lifecycle. You can track where your online users came from (if you integrate with your site’s analytics tool) and you can track their buying process through the site. If you know how your users find you and what turns them into customers, you can optimize against that information to gain even more traction.

2. Your Site Is Suffering from SEO Neglect

The vast majority of online interactions for businesses start with a search engine. With search engines controlling that much of the potential discovery for new customers, it is important that your website stay up-to-date on all of the SEO changes and best practices. If your website is older, it is likely tailored to outdated SEO practices, or worse, not optimized at all. This can prevent your site from showing up in search results because your site won’t be indexed at all. Failing to show up in search results costs you the potential for brand awareness and authority, and ultimately, customers

3. You Aren’t Sending The Right Message

Jeff Bezos said that “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” This really means that your company’s brand is heavily influenced by consumer opinion and the image that you project. Your website is essential to that projection. If it is outdated and not conveying a clear message about your brand, it can cost you an important first impression with new site visitors.

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Not to mention, when your site looks outdated, it can give the impression that your business is old and outdated. It’s no different than when you look at a home or a building that has been neglected and is run down. Even if the building is structurally sound, if it looks dilapidated, you’re likely to think it’s dilapidated. Don’t let customers think of your business as antiquated and out-of-date. A website revamp gives it a fresh look that shows potential clients that your business is still with the times.

4. You May Be Targeting The Wrong Audience

When your company’s website is out-of-date, you could actually be targeting the wrong customers. Whether it’s targeting people at only one stage of the client cycle, at the wrong stage of the client cycle, or even in the wrong area, it’s going to hurt your sales and conversions.

Your website should cater to all stages of the buying lifecycle and all of your target customers. Whether your customer finds your site because they are just starting to understand their problem, or because they are looking for ways to advance their solution to the problem, your website should have something to offer all of them. Otherwise, you’re going to be losing out on customers at certain stages as they look elsewhere for the information they need.

Depending on when you developed your website, you may have been targeting a specific area, such as where your company was first opened. Over time, as your business grows, that target audience will grow as well. Your website needs to be adapted to meet these changes, otherwise, you aren’t marketing to those new customers. This pigeon-holes your site into reaching an exclusive market that will eventually be saturated and generate no new sales.

5. Your Site Is Not Aligned With Your Business Goals

All good websites are tailored to your business goals. After all, what good does the site do for increasing your customer base if it isn’t designed with your customer and performance goals in mind?

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Business goals are dynamic and ever-changing. If your website hasn’t been updated in quite some time, it is likely still tailored to the goals you had at that time – not the ones you’re striving for now. As a result, that site is doing very little to help your bottom line. Your site should clearly address your e-commerce goals, your sales targets, and your brand recognition goals. That way, customers discovering your site know your company’s place in the market as it stands right now.

If your website isn’t meeting your business goals or sending the right message about your brand, you’re probably missing out on profitable clients. Reach out to Buhv today and solve the website issues that are potentially holding you back.

Need help planning for your new website? This guide has planning tips, a helpful worksheet, and insights by industry.


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