Moving and Shaking into 2020

What’s New at Buhv for 2020?

Here at Buhv we love to shake things up a bit from time-to-time. Whether that’s dumping our office to become a virtual company or seeking out new talent to dilate our capabilities and what we can offer our partners.

We’re excited to announce that we are expanding our horizons by offering email marketing and paid social advertising to our clients.

“What does this mean? Do you guys do SEO and Web Design still?”

The answer is yes. Our local SEO game has never been stronger and our Web Design skills are totally on point, if not just getting better. 

We wanted to give our clients the ability to do more. We’ve brought in leads and customers through our SEO and Paid Search, but have you thought about utilizing social data to garner even more?

We’ve honed our skills across several social media platforms and we think there is a lot of opportunity in the space that is currently not being capitalized on. Learn how you can amplify your reach with social advertising.

What are you doing with all of those leads that have come in? Are you sitting on a slew of email addresses from your customers and prospects and aren’t sure what to do with them?

With email marketing, we can provide lead nurturing programs that will convert those leads into customers.

Let’s work together to retain your current customers, recapture previous customers, and turn all of those prospects into paying customers.

Stay tuned as we aren’t finished yet.

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