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Inside the walls of Suite 10 at 1425 Market Street in Denver, CO, Buhv Designs isn’t just about putting theory into action.  We invest a good deal of pride and effort into the educational component of our competencies.

 Web marketing isn’t rocket science, folks.   There are no secrets here.  There are, however, good techniques and guidelines – we’re putting these into practice and we’re getting better every day.

Today, we’re putting content under the microscope. 

Few web design and digital marketing firms would disagree that the single most important element of any project – from both an aesthetic and SEO perspective – is content.


For such a broad term, there’s a pretty simple way to define content as it applies to our industry:

  • Words
  • Multimedia

Aside from the underlying codebase of the website, words – whether they are situated on the front-end as copy or in the back-end SEO architecture, and multimedia – including relevant pictures, videos, sound clips, and/or animations, compose the most significant task, challenge, and intrinsic value of a build effort. 


So, what role does effective content play for your website?

  • Establishes your expertise and clout
  • Informs readers and keeps them engaged, and on the page
  • Sets the voice and tone you wish to portray, and incentivizes the user to take action
  • Optimizes your site’s “search”-ability and improves your online visibility


Simple in theory.  Much, much more of challenge in reality.  Buhv Designs subscribes to the Field of Dreams theory of thought: “If you build it, they will come.”

What are the key elements of effective content that appeal to our target markets, and at the same time appeases Google and their ever changing search algorithms?  Let me lay it out:

1. “You”-nique: Let’s face it, truly unique ideas and concepts are few and far between. We’re suggesting that the processes, trends, and concepts of your particular industry are captured in the content within your website – but it’s imperative to spice up the words and multimedia with your own little twists and tidbits based on your personal experience in your market.  Make it “you”-nique. 

Perhaps you can highlight projects in the form of photographs or white-paper case studies.  Here at Buhv Designs, we do a quick little project blurb about a few of our clients (see: Our Results).  While the need is typically a website and increasing a digital footprint, and the solution is to deliver a website and robust SEO campaign, the implementation for every client is different.  We capture these details and highlight the challenges and successes of our delivery.

2. Keywords: How many different synonyms for or allusions to your service or your product can you write down?  Can you capture the keywords so that they showcase both your business acumen and the relevancy to your target market?  Search engine optimization isn’t just SEO, it’s also online visibility, online search-ability, optimizing for Google and Bing, as well as ranking organically and locally. 

Build your front-end and back-end content around these key words.  Demonstrate that your experience is relevant and applicable.  Highlight your process and the results.  Brand it if you can – Buhv Designs did!

Many of our competitors offer services relating to branding, web design/development, SEO, and online reputation management.  We’re fortunate to have competency across all four of these practices, and offer them as deliverable services for our clients.  We’ve even added our own personal touch and branded them as an entire package – Buhv calls it the “Web Marketing Engine” – because when all 4 of these components are working in-sync, your business should be chugging along.

3. Location: The search engine game has changed.  The focus has shifted from a global perspective to one that’s hyper-local.  Google is not only using your search history and demographic data, they are now zeroing in on your location from your to determine what the best result is based on your physical location when the search is executed.  This presents a massive opportunity for service and product focused business to exploit.

Don’t just talk about your work and how you’re differentiating from the competition.  Talk about where you’re doing it.  Talk about your clients in your community, surrounding cities and regions, as well as within your state of incorporation. 

4. Concise and engaging: Content doesn’t hold any value, unless your users are reading it. In a day and age where attention spans are at a minimum, keep it short and sweet.  Make it interesting and pull them in.  When they actually care to read it, they stay on your page.

When your content is concise and engaging, users stay on your page.

When they stay on the page, your bounce rate drops. 

Google likes low bounce rates. 

Your page authority grows. 

Your online visibility increases. 

Brian Dean, with does a great job in highlighting an effective approach to writing this type of content:

You’re likely digesting all of the info I’ve just divulged.  So far, we’ve defined web content and why it’s important for your website,.  In addition, we’ve highlighted the key elements of developing and writing effective content so that it works to your advantage. 

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