Join the Buhv Team: Assistant Account Executive

Posted on January 22, 2019 | Assistant Account Executive
Matt is a Developer at Buhv Designs. He builds websites with customized features so that every final project looks cool, works well and performs highly.

About Buhv

Buhv is a growing, fast-paced digital marketing agency located in the LoDo area of Denver, Colorado. We were recently dubbed “Denver’s Up and Coming Firm for 2017” and have aggressive growth goals aimed at further solidifying our spot as Denver’s leading digital marketing agency.

We are an extremely hard-working, laid-back, tight-knit team of design and marketing professionals who eat, sleep and breathe beautiful, elegant web design and powerful marketing. Although beards might seem like the norm, they are certainly not a must. Find more about our team.

About You

You’re an energetic, organized, creative, and most importantly friendly person.

You have a bachelor’s degree in a related field and 1 year of marketing experience.You’re not a “nine to fiver” rather a “do what it takes to get the job done…er.”

You’re in tune with people’s emotions and nonverbal cues.

You know “enough to be dangerous” as it refers to digital marketing and website development. (No…HTML is not an abbreviation for Hot Tamale.)

You have had exposure to the sales process and aren’t afraid to talk money with clients.

You’ve mastered the “art of saying no” with a selling attitude that protects the client/agency relationship.

About The Job

Client Care:

The Assistant Account Executive (AAE) supports the Senior Account Manager in all client communication. They protect the time and schedules of the operations team and guide clients through our process. They are the “advocates for the client and ambassadors of the agency.” Accompanying the Senior Account Manager to coffees, lunches, dinners, and events will be a normal part of the gig as the AAE is expected to build and maintain great relationships with our clients. AAEs will report directly to the Senior Account Manager.


The Assistant Account Executive has a base salary of $35,000+ with commission opportunities on any upsells or change orders to the accounts managed by this person. The commission is 5% of the total sale and will be added to the paycheck which follows the payment submittal.


The AAE will be part of the business development team at Buhv. You will be trained on inbound and outbound sales tactics and compensated with a commission on any new deals closed, including existing client upsells.