What Is It?

How Do You Measure Up? We’ll Help You Find Out.

Analytics integration is key to creating effective and measurable marketing campaigns. From your first ad through lead generation and sales, having attributable tracking and client communication tools in place is essential to understanding the return on your ad spend, website build, or inbound marketing campaign. The digital marketing team at Buhv will get you started on the right foot by setting up your analytics tools, like Google Analytics and Facebook pixels, and integrating them with your CRM of choice.

By connecting your campaign from first engagement through conversion and helping you create a solid CRM strategy to drive sales, you’ll have end-to-end analytics to understand what marketing channels perform best for you and give you the insights you need to make informed business decisions. We work with a variety of CRMs, like HubSpot, and analytics tracking tools like ZocDoc, MindBody’s Booker, or other scheduling and sales tools, to show the entire customer journey.

Why is it important?

Data, and Analytics, and Insights. Oh, My!

Data is the ultimate objective storyteller. We use our expertise in paid media strategy, email marketing, and search engine optimization to determine the best way to get users to your site. Our design team chimes in on user experience improvements and landing page design to drive sales and conversions. But in order to understand the impact of all of these strategies, we look to the data–the truth comes out with analytics. With the right tracking in place, you can see what really happened onsite, determine which channels are driving the most qualified traffic, and help you understand the type of creative and messaging your clientele responds to best. We use integrated data insights to fine-tune digital marketing strategies that are effective for paid advertising, search, and conversion rate optimization. What does this mean for your business? It means that your marketing dollars are spent in the most effective way possible, driving the highest return on investment.

How does it work?

Don’t Worry! We’ll Explain. This is How it Works…

Goal Setting & Metric Definition

Every analytics strategy starts with clear and concise goals. These are a combination of user goals and, of course, business goals that you set. These, in turn, outline the types of metrics we need to track and give us the foundation to build the right parameters, integrate event tracking, and build goals for ad spend. Here are some (emphasis on “some”) of the metrics we track for our clients:

  • Search Appearance
  • Rankings
  • User Engagement
  • Open Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Cost-per-Click
  • Site Visits
  • Time on Page
  • Conversions
  • Scroll Depth
  • And… many more

Setup & Integration

With goals and metrics outlined, we will help you select the right tools to integrate with your existing analytics tools to make sure every step of the user path is measurable. There are hundreds of programs out there to help make this process easy for our team to help you gather the data and insights you need to make smart marketing decisions. Google Analytics is must-have for any website, so that generally comes first. We’ll make sure that your ads are set up with proper UTM tracking parameters and ensure that your website event tracking is properly engaged to give you accurate source channel metrics and onsite event metrics. From there, we’ll integrate a custom set of tools catered to your needs. Here are some integrations we do regularly:

  • CRM integrations like MailChimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce
  • Scheduling and booking apps like EventBrite and Booker.com
  • Onsite optimization tools like HotJar
  • Pixels for ad servers like Facebook, LinkedIn, and AdRoll
  • Custom integrations with 3rd party sales tools

Measurement & Optimization

There are no shots in the dark, just solid insights that drive effective digital marketing strategy optimization and iteration. This way we can define success, identify pain points and redirect strategies when our data tells us to, making sure that every decision is a data-informed, fact-driven plan of attack.

Get Set Up
For Success.

Data & analysis is the only way you can truly measure the success of your marketing efforts and proper setup and integration is the key first step.